A .gm domain name isn’t just a name, it is an identity, it is being Gambian


GamDNS is here to make it easy for any Gambian to get their desired .GM domain name. Just send us a domain registration request and we will assist you in getting it registered. Get started


GamDNS provides four anycast name servers spread around the world. Using GamDNS as your primary DNS provider means your zones get a 100% uptime and low latency . Get DNS services…


GamDNS runs webmail.gm, an email solution for professionals. When you are serious about your business, a professional email is a must. Get email services…


Manage all your websites on the same dashboard, whether it is one or a hundred of them. GamDNS has lifted the burden of managing your own hosting and dealing with web servers. We handle all the complexities, freeing up to deal with what matters, running your business.


The arrival of Lets Encrypt in 2014 as a free certificate authority has changed the game forever. Website owners no longer has to spend hundreds of dollars on TLS certificates. GamDNS makes it easy to obtain a free Lets Encrypt TLS certificate for your website.


When your website goes offline, it is good to know on time. You don’t want to be notified by your visitors your website is offline. Our uptime service can check your website every minute and when it is unavailable you will be the first to know. Try it today…

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GamDNS provides .GM registration for government departments, charities, newspapers, entrepreneurs and many others. We live and breath DNS and we promise to give you the awesome DNS experience. We are on a mission to build a solid, secure and reliable DNS infrastructure for the Gambia.

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