GamDNS provides email hosting for individuals and businesses in The Gambia. We uses the same email infrastructure and we are proud to offer the same experience to our users. We use a friendly webmail client, Roundcube. Preferably, you can easily setup your email account on your Android and iOS devices as well as desktop mail clients such as Thunderbird.

GamDNS will configure your domain for DNS records such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC and MTA-STS. We support DNSSEC, with DANE TLSA, in order to provide protections against active attacks. We utilises TLS certificates from Let’s Encrypt.

GamDNS has a strict spam policy, using Postgrey for white and black listing and Apache SpamAssassin for spam filtering.

NB: GamDNS name servers are configured to support DNSSEC but unfortunately this is not a feature currently supported by GM-NIC, meaning .gm domains don’t benefit from this important security feature.