You can register .gm,,,, and domains with GamDNS. You just need to send us an email with the sample text in the black box below.

You just need to modify the text to suit your case before sending it over to us at: support at gamdns dot gm.

Your Name: FirstName LastName
Your Organisation: Example Ltd
Address: 123 Example Street, Banjul
Tel: +220 000 0000
Name server #1:
Name server #2:

GM-NIC, the body (or Registry, its technical name) responsible for the registration of .GM domains do not currently offer registrars (eg GamDNS) an automated way of registering domains. GamDNS will assist you all the way in getting your desired domain registered.

You need at least 2 name servers but not more than 4. If you don’t have your own name servers you can use ours.

Once you send your registration request, we will get back to you as soon as possible to get the registration going. When your domain is registered, we will get back to you letting you know. From this moment if you are using GamDNS name servers, we will send you your login details to our DNS management site, where you can manage your domain DNS records.

Rules on .GM domains

Any entity (individual, organisation or business ) residing in The Gambia, providing services for or about The Gambia can register a .GM domain name. Rules guiding .GM domain registration are:

  • Domains may contain letters A-Z.
  • Domains may contain hyphens (-), as long as not at the start or end of the domain name.
  • Domain may contain up to 50 characters.
  • One letter domains are not permitted.
  • Two letter domains are not permitted unless in cases where an organisation has an internationally recognised two letter abbreviation.
  • Domains may contain numbers but not numbers only and cannot start with numbers.
  • Domains offensive in Gambian languages will not be delegated.
  • Domains that are common Gambian names (first name and last name) will not be registered.